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March 2, 2012— updated 15.9.2016

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An Essay of Definition in Seven Parts


The Language of Redemption




Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. (Heb 9:22)



Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin; no forgiveness of unbelief; no forgiveness of transgressions of the Law. Without the shedding of blood, the New Covenant will not be implemented—the writer of Hebrews said, a quarter century after Calvary, “In speaking of a New Covenant, He makes the first one obsolete. And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away” (Heb 8:13 emphasis added) … if the New Covenant had not yet been implemented a quarter century after Calvary, when was it implemented? What was the event that caused the Law, the Torah to be written on hearts and placed in minds so that all “‘Know the Lord’” from the least to the greatest? Hasn’t happened. For when the Law is written on hearts and placed in minds there is no need for Christian ministry. All of Christendom will then be as the Elect are now, with an exception: all will be filled with spirit without being born of spirit whereas the Elect today are not filled with spirit but are born of spirit as fruit that ripens when it isn’t the season for fruit.

Without the shedding of blood when the Lord sets His hand to again recover Israel, the nation to be circumcised of heart, with heart being a euphemistic expression for the inner self of a human person—the self that is inside the flesh as a man is temporarily inside his wife—sin will be remembered, and the sinner will perish regardless of whether the sinner is under the Law or not under the Law (Rom 2:12). So it is essential that the New Covenant be implemented if there is to be a significant harvest of the firstfruits of the earth; for Grace covers the unintentional sins of the Elect, not the sinning ways of all of Christendom. Grace, the garment of Christ Jesus’ righteousness, covers those sons of God in whom Christ dwells in the form of His breath.

The Elect will walk as Christ Jesus walked in this world: they will walk as Christ walked because they really have no choice in the matter. Christ Jesus is in charge of their salvation: they have been given to Christ Jesus as the First Disciples were given to Christ … the First Disciples, prior to the giving of the spirit, form the shadow and type of the Elect in whom Christ Jesus dwells as Christ Jesus was with His First Disciples.

Predestination as a theological dogma was largely abandoned two centuries ago; for predestination as understood by Calvinists covered Christians who continued to make a practice of sinning, which cannot be. The Christian who remains consigned to disobedience as a son of disobedience as evidenced by something so simple as attempting to enter into God’s presence on the day after the Sabbath, the first day of the week, has not been born of God and is therefore not predestined to be called, justified, and glorified unless this Christian turns to God and begins to keep the commandments while having love for neighbor and brother.

Calvin made the mistake of believing that the person who wasn’t predestined to be glorified was condemned to hell and eternal punishment—and this is not the case, and not even close to being the case. Such a teaching is from someone who has no business teaching the mysteries of God for the person doesn’t/didn’t understand even the basic principle of Christianity, the righteous shall live because they are righteous regardless of whether they know God and profess that Jesus is Lord in this life. Their inner selves will appear before Christ Jesus, their judge, in the great White Throne Judgment, and there these souls will give an accounting for what they have done. If, according to Paul’s gospel, it is evident that the works of the Law have been written on their hearts—in their spirits—they shall live (Rom 2:14–16) even if, prior to being judged, they never heard the name, Jesus the Nazarene, let alone uttered it in any language.

It was for his gospel, given to him by Christ Jesus, that the Apostle Paul was persecuted in the 1st-Century; for Paul had been numbered among his loveless persecutors before he was called by the glorified Jesus as a predestined son of God, a son known from before the foundations of the earth were laid. He received from his persecutors what he himself had apparently administered. And his loveless persecutors in their seed—their descendants—remain with the Elect to this day: they constitute a significant part of greater Christendom.

If a Christian is hesitant to speak about predestination, a subject about which the former Worldwide Church of God—the ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong—was mostly silent, the Christian fears to use the language of redemption for any number of reasons, the most common being personal vanity: the Christian is concerned about what others will think of the Christian, for people are not like dogs that will bond with you and express the characteristics of love to you regardless of what you believe or what you say. People are more comparable to chickens that will peck any perceived weak member of the flock to death. And to be different from other Christians, other members of one’s community or family is a perceived weakness. In 2012, irreligious media pundits could not understand why Romney could not close the deal with Evangelical Christians in America’s Bible Belt. These irreligious pundits couldn’t comprehend the loathing Trinitarian Christians have for Arians, and Mormons have a sophisticated Arian theology that moves the creation of Christ Jesus to before the creation of the cosmos.

When a person acquires a language, the person thinks in that language and translates from that language into another language when speaking with someone who doesn’t speak the person’s language … the language of Arian Christianity and the language of Trinitarian Christianity come together through shared words to which different signifieds are assigned, making it only possible for an Arian to speak to a Trinitarian in a Christian jargon for even the basic linguistic signifier <God> doesn’t mean the same thing to an Arian as it does to a Trinitarian. Yet both will be filled with spirit when blood is again shed for the forgiveness of sin and the implementation of the New Covenant. Both are today Christians.

When the Elect begin to think in the language of redemption, the Elect will understand that the Sabbath equates to entering into God’s presence and is mentally what the Promised Land of Canaan was physically for outwardly circumcised Israel. To keep the Sabbath is to mentally cross the River Jordan. To not keep the Sabbath is to remain in the land of Moab (or farther away from life). And when the Elect fully grasps that fire signifies life, albeit the dark fire of cellular oxidation that sustains physical life in nephesh or the bright fire that is the glory of God, the prohibition against kindling a fire on the Sabbath (Ex 35:3) translates into a prohibition that prevents outwardly circumcised Israel from having life in the presence of God because of the nation’s rebellion at Sinai, a prohibition that stands to this day and a prohibition that remains the central reason why the Elect are not to look to Judaism for how to worship God.

Yes, the prohibition against kindling a fire on the Sabbath, a prohibition stemming from casting a gold calf at the foot of Mount Sinai discloses that Judaism cannot enter into God’s presence regardless of what Judaism does, regardless of how faithfully this nation now keeps the commandments—there are allegedly more Jews on the beach on the Sabbath than in synagogues in the nation-state of Israel—regardless of the claim that Jews are the people of God, a claim in which Judaism trusts as it trusted in Jeremiah’s day in the deceptive words, This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord (Jer 7:4) … the temple of the Lord stands today as it stood in Jeremiah’s day. The temple of the Lord is the Christian Church (1 Cor 3:16–17; 2 Cor 6:16). And the temple today is as corrupt, as polluted, as defiled now as it was in Jeremiah’s day. Even under the reforms of King Josiah, the idolatry that would condemn Jerusalem and the house to Judah to captivity still existed in the people, whose hearts were defiled.

Until Judaism today gets past its idolatrous worship of monotheism, which won’t happen prior to the kingdom being given to the Son of Man, Judaism cannot have indwelling eternal life, or life in the presence of God. Fires won’t be kindled on the Sabbath. And among messianic Christians, fires are not kindled on the Sabbath because none of these Christians have been born of God, nor do any understand spiritual birth and possessing life in the presence of God.

Any people that assigns numerical singularity to plural nouns uses a language that reveals the truth but uses the language in a false way that hides the truth from the people. Judaism assigns singularity to plural nouns; Arian Christians assign singularity to plural nouns; Trinitarian Christians assign a bastardized form of triune singularity to plural nouns. And all these theologies disclose by assigning singularity to plurals that they do not know the Father and the Son and therefore do not have indwelling eternal life. Herbert W. Armstrong was correct when he said his disciples were not born of spirit; they were merely begotten. Evidence shows that despite knowing the Father and Jesus Christ whom the Father sent into this world (John 17:3), very few of Armstrong’s disciples were born of spirit as sons of God. Most were as Armstrong claimed, merely begotten through professing that Jesus is Lord. Nevertheless, as righteous men and women of old will enter into the kingdom of God, none of whom were born of God for the spirit was not given until after Calvary, righteous disciples of Armstrong will enter the kingdom because of their obedience by faith.

For Judaism to use a language that reveals what is true in a way that effectively hides what is true provides for the Elect an excellent example of what will occur when God sends over rebelling Christians “a strong delusion so that they may believe what is false in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (2 Thess 2:11–12). These rebelling Christians will use language that reveals what is true but in their use of the language they will hide from themselves what is true. Thus, there will be no basis for reasoning with them as there is presently no shared base on which the Elect and rabbinical Judaism stand so that Holy Writ can be discussed.

The Elect have no business reasoning with any person unwilling to acknowledge the preexistence of Christ Jesus in the form of His Father Yah, the Logos who was God [Theos] and who was with the God [ton Theon] in the beginning (John 1:1–2; 17:5 … cf. 1 Cor 10:4, 9; Deut 32:4, 15; Ps 95:1; 1 Pet 2:4–8; Jude vv. 4–5). The Elect have no business arguing with anyone; for those who are to be numbered among the Elect will hear the message and will respond and those who are not to be numbered among the Elect will bristle when they hear the message. Permit them to bristle and to swell up in pride and vanity. If they are righteous, they will be saved according to Paul’s gospel, but if they are sinners whether under the law or not under the law, they will perish.

There is an ongoing mini-example of God sending a delusion over rebelling Christians in the Sacred Names Heresy, an Arian dogma that denies preexistence to Christ Jesus despite what Paul writes, despite what John writes. The Sabbatarian Christian who begins to use bastardized Hebrew names and pronunciations—with none of them able to utter the Hebrew letter ‘Ayin as ancient (and modern) Ephraimites could not/cannot say Shibboleth but would say Sibboleth (Judges 12:6)—will not give up the new truth that he or she has found and will die in the lake of fire as 42,000 Ephraimites were slain at the fords of the Jordan. They will perish because, by the standard they established for salvation, the standard of salvation based on pronunciation, they will be judged and condemned: they could not pronounce the Hebrew oral icon [signifier] that is the translation of <’Iesous> from Greek to Hebrew.

As an aside, it isn’t Brits that cannot pronounce the <sh> sound at the beginning of words: it is the French. It isn’t Brits that are modern descendants of ancient Ephraim.

In the language of redemption, Israel is not the modern nation-state of Israel; nor are the people of rabbinical Judaism Israel; nor are the English speaking peoples that now encompass the globe: “Israel” is the Christian Church that presently resides in slavery to disobedience, slavery to lawlessness as the bondservants of the king of Babylon, that old serpent Satan the devil. And the Elect are the nation that Christ Jesus has constructed from Moses, with the Elect having escaped disobedience through the blood of Christ cleaning their consciences and the indwelling of Christ compelling obedience to God.

To think in the language of redemption, Babylon is the single kingdom of this world that is ruled by its king, the Adversary, the prince of this world. And Babylon will fall and be no more forever when the kingdom of this world is taken from the prince of the power of the air and given to the Son of Man half way through the seven endtime years of tribulation. Then, when Babylon falls, Satan and his angels will be cast into time, cast to the earth, and Satan will be given the mind of a man whereas the Elect will have the mind of Christ Jesus. So the Elect cannot physically resist Satan as he declares himself the Messiah and requires all who would buy & sell to take upon themselves the tattoo of the cross, but the Elect can prevail over Satan by enduring to the end, by enduring for another 1260 days in faith—the Elect will prevail over the Antichrist through not buying & selling, the way of this present world that is based upon making transactions.

The Millennium will not be a transactions-based kingdom, but the return of transactions near the end of the Thousand Years will establish the basis for the Adversary deceiving the people of God when he is loosed from his chains (Rev 20:7).

The endtime good news [gospel] that must be delivered to the world as a witness to all nations and peoples is that all who endure to the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13–14) … they shall be saved because all have been filled with spirit when the kingdom of this world is given to the Son of Man, who shall in turn baptize the world in spirit for all will have been redeemed when a third part of remaining humanity was slain in the Second Woe, the Sixth Trumpet Plague.

In the seven-year-long transition between this present era and the Millennium, the millennial reign of Christ Jesus over the kings and lords of this world, a third part of humankind will be slain three times, a declarative clause that needs explaining: between the Passover and the Second Passover, at or near the Second Passover, all uncovered firstborns of men and angels in heaven and on earth, will be slain as the uncovered firstborns of men and of beasts in Egypt were slain in the days of Moses. Approximately a third part of humankind are firstborns, with nations that have low birth rates such as industrialized Europe, America, Japan and China (all having birth rates in which fifty percent or more of these nation’s populaces are firstborns) being more adversely affected than developing nations when their uncovered firstborns are slain. The nation of China will cease to have world significance, a reason why China does not appear in endtime prophecies. Europe with its 1.7 birth rate will be decimated. The United States will lose nearly half of its population in a day. But Catholic South America and Muslim Near and Middle East will retain three-fourths or four-fifths of their population thereby radically shifting the centers of power going into the Affliction that will, again, be dominated by a war of religion between Trinitarian Christendom and Arian/Unitarian Christians and Muslims.

The other two times when a third part of humanity will be slain is in the thirty-day window in which the Second Woe occurs just before the Kingdom of this world is given to the Son of Man, and in the narrow window immediately preceding the return of the Messiah … the prophet Isaiah wrote, “‘For behold, the Lord will come in fire, and His chariots like the whirlwind, to render His anger in fury, and His rebuke with flames of fire. For by fire will the Lord enter into judgment, and by His sword, with all flesh; and those slain by the Lord shall be many’” (Isa 66:15–16).

Jesus identified Himself as the Shepherd who would be struck in Zechariah’s prophecies (cf. Matt 26:31; Zech 13:7). The Lord of hosts turns His hand against the little ones—not the Adversary—and two parts of three shall be cut off and perish (Zech 13:8). In Daniel’s vision of the first year of Belshazzar, the saints of the Most High are given into the hand of the little horn by the Most High for a time, times, and half a time (Dan 7:25), which agrees with the Lord of hosts turning His hand against the little ones and agrees with Paul commanding the saints at Corinth to deliver the man who was with his father’s wife to the Adversary for the destruction of his flesh (1 Cor 5:5).

With the world’s population at seven billion, if a third were slain, two thirds would remain alive — 2/3 x 7 billion = approx 4.7 billion. One-fourth of the population will be given to Death during the affliction (Rev 6:8) — 3/4 x 4.7 billion = 3.5 billion. Then, just before the end of the Affliction, another third of humanity will be killed — 2/3 x 3.5 billion = approx 2.3 billion going into the Endurance. Yes, only a third of pre Second Passover humanity will remain alive when the kingdom of the world is given to the Son of Man. And this is in accordance to what Zechariah recorded (Zech 13:7–9). Now, with the Endurance forming the mirror image of the Affliction, the Elect can expect more of humankind killed: a fourth of the 2.3 billion, then upon Christ’s return, a third of the 1.7 billion remaining alive will be killed, leaving the world’s living population to be a little more than a billion when the righteous who have taken judgment upon themselves will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. The number of human beings that will begin the Millennium as physical people will indeed be few in number (see Isa chap 24).

The Father and the Son will not be mocked: greater Christendom claims to know the Lord, and as Abraham’s faith was tested (Gen 22:1) as to whether Abraham really believed the Lord that his seed would come from his loins (Gen 15:4–5), Christendom will be tested as to whether Christians believe Christ Jesus and all that Moses wrote or whether Christians will believe the Adversary. For when the Second Passover occurs and a third part of humanity is suddenly slain (all uncovered firstborns, biological or legal), all Christians, their flesh cleansed/redeemed by the blood of the slain firstborns, will be filled with spirit and will come under the New Covenant that has the Torah written on their hearts and placed in their minds so that all know the Lord from the least to the greatest, with the Lord remembering their sins no more (cf. Jer 31:31–34; Heb 8:8–12). Then, sin will not be a manifested transgression of the Law (1 John 3:4)—transgressions won’t be remembered—but sin will be simple unbelief of the sort that prevented the nation of Israel that left Egypt from entering into God’s rest (cf. Heb 3:19; Ps 95:10–11; Num 14:11–12; 22–24). This Paul understood when he wrote that “whatever does not proceed from faith [belief] is sin” (Rom 14:23).

Unbelief caused Adam to eat forbidden fruit which resulted in Adam and Eve losing the garment of Adam’s obedience of faith/belief. Unbelief prevented Israel from entering the Promised land—not even the children of Israel that physically crossed the Jordan on the 10th day of the first month (Josh 4:19) as the selected paschal lamb that would be sacrificed could have life in the presence of God. And unbelief will prevent the majority of greater Christendom from entering heaven …

As the Sacred Names heretic is condemned because he or she cannot deliver in the standard this heretic has established as essential for salvation [cannot deliver because the heretic doesn’t know the vowel pointing for the Tetragrammaton YHWH and cannot pronounce the letter ‘Ayin], rebelling Christians within greater Christendom will be condemned because they cannot deliver in the standard they have established as essential for salvation, this standard requiring worship of the cross, the mark of Death: they cannot honor both Christ Jesus and the tool employed to kill the man Jesus the Nazarene. They cannot take upon themselves the mark of the beast and be saved.

The Elect are in a different category from the remainder of greater Christendom; for the Elect have already glorified inner selves. They cannot be lost. But in a use of equivocation, Daniel Boone was asked if he had ever been lost. He reportedly said, No, but I was once mighty confused for three days … the Elect can be mightily confused for most of a lifetime, but not lost.

In the language of redemption, the fourth beast/king of Daniel’s vision in the first year of Belshazzar is the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, the demonic king of the North. The third beast/king, the four headed leopard, is Sin, the third horseman of the Apocalypse, the prince that buys and sells all but the Elect, the oil and the wine that Sin cannot harm because the inner selves of these Christians have already been glorified. The second beast/king is the king of the Abyss, Apollyon, who kills but cannot keep dead the two witnesses when the time of their ministry comes to its end. The first beast/king who has his wings snapped off and is made to stand upright as a man and who is given the mind of a man is the false prophet, the first horseman of the Apocalypse, with the bow being the symbol [scepter] representing the authority of Babylon … the false prophet will come to the office of Prophet that is already reserved for him; he will come claiming to be the angel Joseph Smith, and many will be those Christians and Christian converts who believe him. In fact, much of Islam will believe him, such are the signs and wonders he will do after the world is made receptive to belief in Christ Jesus by the otherwise unexplainable death of only firstborns at the beginning of the Affliction.

In the language of redemption, the great horn that is the first king of the federated King of Greece will be broken because he is first, an uncovered firstborn in the Abyss; so the emergence of the four horns, four kings from around the stump of the broken first king (Dan 8:8; 11:4) can be precisely dated to the Second Passover liberation of Israel from indwelling sin and death … the link between Sin, the third horseman, and Death, the fourth horsemen, will be broken when mortal Christians are liberated from indwelling sin and death—the broken link is seen in Daniel 11:5, the vision that reveals what happens in the spiritual realm through a summarized overview of Greek history between the days of Alexander and Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the history that seals and keeps secret those things that were revealed to Daniel from the Book of Truth.

When Christians are filled with spirit, their flesh redeemed and sanctified by the death of firstborns, these Christians remain mortal human beings subject to dying, but they will no longer be subject to sin; thus, Sin is separated from Death, again, as seen in Daniel 11:5. However, filled-with-spirit Christians can take sin back inside themselves by returning to their former beliefs, former ways—#8212;and doing so will be for them to commit blasphemy against the spirit that fills them.

In Jesus’ words to Pilate, the truth is what’s no longer concealed—Pilate wanted to know what isn’t concealed for to Pilate everything was concealed, masked or cloaked—

Even the flesh of human beings is cloaked in skin, a point Shakespeare made in The Merchant of Venice, where the judged ruled that Shylock can take his pound of flesh but nothing more than just flesh.

In grasping that the things of this world, even down to species adaptations, reveal the things of God, the clothes come off the king of Babylon. In the language of redemption, man looks up at the God of the living who made man in His image and who was then laying over the man breathing the breath of life into the man’s nostrils … when a human infant draws his or her first breath, the infant enters a world of light and is clothed only in light at least until bathed and diapered. And so it is with a newly born son of God.

A human infant knows little when first born; an infant son of God knows little when first born. But the infant son of God as an adult human person will inevitably think that he or she knows much when in reality the newly born son of God has much to unlearn before learning can truly begin.

In our generation—and in the preceding generation—the classic example of a novice (a recent convert) teaching what he thinks he knows is that of Herbert W. Armstrong, a man I sincerely believe was called by Christ to do a work but a man who began to teach while he, himself, was still a newly born son of God. As a result, the work that Armstrong built was not on the foundation Paul laid (1 Cor 3:10–11), and Armstrong‘s work was tested by fire and found to be made of straw although he himself will most likely be saved (vv. 12–15). All that remains of a half-century of work is a few cold brands and some splinters that fester as slivers in the fingers of the holy ones.

Armstrong’s disciples learned his language of prophetic-speak, a language that did not have a fully developed grammar but functioned as a jargon in which thoughts couldn’t be connected because of how he created the language, taking a little from here and a little from there until he had an unrecognizable carton of shredded signifiers and signifieds that no one could match up, not even Christ Jesus. Therefore, his work had to end and another begin: forty years to the day and probably to the hour and minute after Armstrong rejected divine revelation through his son declaring that there would be no new revelation, the present work of Philadelphia began on Thursday of the second full week in January 2002, at about 10:12 CST.

Armstrong’s disciples are now old enough that they aren’t interested in learning a new language, in rethinking their understanding of biblical prophecy, of admitting that they have believed falsehoods for decades. They are content in their ignorance.

With the physical revealing the spiritual, we can find examples of human persons not learning to speak when they were young and then not being able to speak when they are older and enter or reenter civilization. And so it is with Christians who were truly called in past decades: some of the Elect never learned to speak the language of redemption and will now never learn. They will remain spiritual illiterates, deaf and dumb, though obedient to God. Theirs will be the simple life, living out their faith in silence. They will stir up no trouble in the temple of God, the Christian Church. And they will die physically in faith, their minds not able to comprehend the spiritual things of God that will be new to them as they await the arrival of their brethren.

The Circumcision Faction in the 1st-Century CE never understood what it was that Jesus told His disciples. Paul, though, did understand that Christianity was about the inner self of a person, not his or her outer self. Paul understood that the marriage relationship disclosed the relationship between the inner and outer selves, with the man being the head of his wife as Christ was the Head of the Church and as God the Father was the Head of Christ (1 Cor 11:3) … consider the significance of man being the head of his wife as Christ is the Head of the Assembly He created: a man only temporarily dwells in his wife although he is at all times the head of his wife. And as the physical body of Christ Jesus died on the cross and was buried in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights, Christians, the Body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27), are crucified with Christ and the spiritual Body of Christ dies as the physical body died. And as the gates of Hades could not prevail over Jesus’ physical body, the gates of Hades cannot prevail over the spiritual Body.

In man only being able to temporarily dwell in his wife is seen the reality of Jesus only temporarily dwelling in the Body of Christ, with the Body being fully dead and buried between the Council of Nicea (ca. 325 CE) and the Reformed Movement (ca. 1525 CE), and being dead but not buried beginning about 101 CE until 325 CE. The Body of Christ will not breathe again on its own until greater Christendom is filled with spirit at the Second Passover liberation of Israel.

In Paul equating the inner self of a disciple to the man in a marriage, with Christ being to God as a man’s wife is to the man, Paul opened up for the Adversary a new avenue by which he could deceive Christians who were not foreknown and predestined sons of God. All he had to do was employ Judaism’s idol of monotheism—

Arian Christians hold that God the Father was not a created entity, but that Christ Jesus was a created entity. Thus, although both God the Father and Christ Jesus are now God, they are not equal in quality or authority. They are not of the same substance. However, future Trinitarians took exception to this doctrine of inequality and declared Arianism heresy at the Council of Nicea, thereby laying the foundation for the endtime war that will pit Christian against Christian, with both Arian and Trinitarian excessively eager to kill the Elect.

The Gothic Bible or Wulfila Bible is the first translation of the Bible into a Germanic language, and was made by Bishop Ulfilas [Wulfila in Gothic German] shortly after 348 CE, when to escape persecution, he obtained permission from Constantius II to bring his Christian converts into the Roman Empire and settle in modern Bulgaria. Wulfila had spent time in the Empire at the height of the Arian controversy, and he was an Arian, whose understanding of Christ Jesus was that Christ was created in the womb of Mary and was a lesser creation than the uncreated God was. To hold this doctrine, portions of John’s gospel and Paul’s epistles have to be neglected or dishonestly translated—the same pertains to the assignment of personhood to the breath of God.

Again, the Arian conflict divided Christendom in the 4th-Century and to this day has NOT been resolved; for sects and denominations originating in the United States have almost all been Arian in their perception of deity … it is as if sparks of Arian Christianity were never extinguished in the Germanic peoples that settled in America, and were blown to life during the Great Awakening as the stage was set for a decisive endtime showdown between Arians and Trinitarians, a showdown that will leave all of Christendom exhausted and dying or dead when the kingdom of this world is given to the Son of Man.

Bishop Wulfila was a half-Goth, half-Greek wolf from Cappadocia. He was ordained a bishop by Eusebius of Nicomedia. And he had to create the Gothic alphabet so that Holy Writ could be inscribed in the language of the Goths … he did for Goths what the Russian Orthodox Saint Innocent (renamed Ivan [John] Veniaminov) did for Fox Island Aleuts when Veniaminof set the Aleut language into written scribe and then translated the gospels into Aleut. And as we thank Veriaminov for codifying the Aleut language so that its stories can be transmitted across time, we can thank the wolf Wulfila for giving Arian Christendom a large enough base that it remains alive despite the best effort of the Latin and Greek Churches to wipe it out.

Arians will prevail over Trinitarians in the Endurance and if it were not for the sake of the Elect, all of humankind would perish in this war between demonic kings.

In the language of redemption, it isn’t Germany that represents the beast power, but the Arianism of Germanic Christianity reaching back to the 4th-Century and the Goths, Ostrogoths, and Vandals. In the language of redemption, it is ideologies and the demonic kings supporting these ideologies not physical peoples and physical lands that are the subject of endtime prophecies. And this is where I will pause for some extended length of time. As the language of redemption is spoken by a greater number of saints, these words will need to be revisited, edited, then expanded. However, as of today, the language of redemption is spoken by only a few (see Matt 22:14).


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